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holistic approach and by promoting health and well-being and by adding some beautiful makeup artist, nail artist , nail technician ideas.You can FIND BEAUTY IN EVERYDAY LIFE and make for a more beautiful,happier you.

​A mother of three I was always interested in the fields of Beauty and Health .Through schooling and research I soon found so many natural and everyday things that are good for your skin , and how this all ties in with Beauty and Health,this going hand-in-hand.By combining and blending these products with Natural ,Organic essential oils and my experience in aromatherapy,and by using different massage therapist techniques,herbs, masks and other Beauty therapist equipment it soon became apparent that Beauty and Beauty Therapy was not just skin deep. With a

Please contact me on the contact form [contact listed above]. Or by phoning : [07]34580719.

I specialise in all aspects of Beauty as a Beauty Therapist and as a  Nail Technician  and as a Signature Massage therapist my relaxation massage is unbeatable.

Welcome to Susan's Beauty Salon and Spa. I am a fully trained, professional Beauty therapist and Massage Therapist with over 16yrs experience as a Beauty Therapist in the beauty therapist Industry and almost 30yrs as a Massage therapist. I studied to be a professional Beauty Therapist at the Institute of Applied Sciences here in Brisbane QLD and completed  a Diploma in Beauty in 2008 .I first started studying as a  massage therapist in Tas, and completed Massage 1 and 2 at AIAS. 

​Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy and Hot Stone Massage Therapy, and Hot and Cold Stone Therapy are also available Susan is a fully qualified professional beauty therapist , massage therapist , nail technician, nail artist  and make up artist with experience in using all natural organic essential oils and natural organic products and oils & massage balms.

​I worked as a Makeup Artist at Bris 31 until I got my Makeup Artist qualifications, studied  as a Nail Artist with No1 Nail Artist champion Lorena Marquez - qualified as a Nail Artist-2007.I am also a qualified  Aromatherapist  and give Advice on Diet and Nutrition. I believe in a Holistic Approach to being a Beauty Therapist and Health and may also make recommendations to other therapists. Many of my products are Natural, Organi​c​ ​​skincare
I make my own Body Wraps and Body Scrubs preserving them in natural organic oils with organic essential oils. All made with fresh, natural ingredients. To suit all skin types and skin conditions.